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Symphony Integrations Framework

The Symphony Integrations are both a series of integrations and a framework on which you can build additional integrations.

The framework lets you build integrations on top of Symphony's secure messaging platform, by connecting Symphony to 3rd party and in-house software applications. This enables users to extend their workflows to these applications without leaving the context of Symphony; this enhances collaboration and simplifies user workflow.

To use the Symphony integrations framework, you will need to have access to Symphony environment and set up the required infrastructure.

  • The Developer Guide provides a developer's introduction to the Symphony Integrations. It describes running an integration bridge locally, and pointing it to a live Symphony back-end, and how to develop your own integration.

Using the Symphony Integrations

GitHub allows users to track changes of key software projects in Symphony, including pull requests, code pushes, issues, comments, merges, and the latest deployment status.

JIRA can notify users on Symphony when their name is mentioned in a ticket, when a critical bug is filed and more. This integration uses personalized rules and also maps JIRA labels to Symphony signals, automatically prioritizing critical information.

Salesforce helps business development teams stay up to date with their pipeline. The integration advises users when someone changes the status of an opportunity in Salesforce.

Symphony’s Universal WebHook enables users to connect third-party or in-house software applications that support industry-standard webhooks technology to send messages within Symphony.

Zapier adds an ecosystem of 750+ apps to the Symphony platform. Zapier sends notifications and content to Symphony chats or rooms from popular applications including Gmail, Office 365, Trello, HubSpot, Twitter, LinkedIn, and hundreds of other productivity apps.


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